Career options in broadcast journalism

Jyoti Mishra

As a student, I recall the days of my board exams when I had butterflies in my tummy everytime I awaited the results because in those days generally the scorecard would decide our career options ahead . Amongst the several options my parents had then shortlisted for me I rather chose to differ from all of them and chose to be a news anchor . So, if you feel that we share our career choices, and you want to know if Journalism can be a great option for you too, here is an insight into the various roles and responsibilities one has to face in a newsroom . Firstly , let me give you a picture of what exactly a Newsroom is . Newsroom is a space where the news stories are collected , written , edited and then broadcasted. It’s not just the studio that makes a news office but also a huge team of Newsroom that works tirelessly round the clock to create the content that can be served to the viewers.

The world may see only the News Anchor, Field Reporters on TV News but there are different people who fulfil various roles to bring the news on your television screens. Here’s an insight into the basic roles in a Broadcast Media Channel.

Anchors: This role entails a lot more than what I had imagined. A big darkened studio with the spotlight on the news anchor as he/she tells the country about a situation is the solemn moment where the viewers sitting at home are connected with the Anchor. The Anchor ensures that the mood of the story is aptly conveyed to the viewers. An Anchor’s job is not just about looking glamorous but having in depth knowledge of stories and current affairs. You should be prepared to work for erratic hours to deliver a breaking news or to be at the ground zero to report events as and when they occur. You need to be really good at your communication skills, vocabulary, pronunciation and a deep knowledge of about every subject majorly current affairs and the politics of the country. A good sense of news is a must. Confidence to face the camera under such great pressure of being a perfect presenter is cherry on the cake.
News Producers: Most of the producers in the news room are assigned with different issues, subjects with news worthiness and they have to write stories , mould the news into a complete package for the broadcast, keeping in mind the accurate details of information and have a great backup of research and data to support the content.
News reporters /Correspondents : Deliver newsworthy stories of public interest. Host interviews with relevant people to affirm the information or have a larger perspective of the news. Reporters are generally allotted “beats” like Crime, Politics, Legal, Sports, Entertainment etc. covering every genre of content any news channel may need.
Camerapersons: An Anchor or a Reporter would not be able to do their work without a Cameraperson. Anything and Everything you see On-Air is captured by a Cameraperson. In a News Channel a Cameraperson has to have a good understanding of News and the importance of stories, which is why in a News Channel we refer to Camerapersons as Video Journalists.
Voiceover Artists: Need to have an excellent diction and versatility in modulating their voice, the recordings are then played over the news.
Copy editors: Must have great interest in the language, knack for writing a great script for news and must have excellent communication skills.
Video Editors: What you see On-Air is multiple elements put together in a package which is aesthetically treated and edited by the Video Editors. A Video Editor has expertise in different editing software such as Avid, Newscutter, Adobe Primer, Apple Final Cut Pro (FCP) etc.
Guest Relations Team: Being in this team one needs to have great Public Relations and Networking skills to be able to manage guests from various profiles and line them up for interviews, panel discussions or live shows for the channel.
Promo Producers: Create, record, edit teasers for upcoming programs to entice the viewers to tune into the particular show. They need to be innovative and be able to capture the viewers’ interest and promote or create a branding effectively.
Apart from a newsroom, a news channel comprises of the Production Control Room (PCR) headed by a panel producer who coordinates between the newsroom and the anchor in studio for the proper execution of a program. The Panel Producer has the responsibility of an entire technical team in the PCR and manages every aspect of the broadcast of a bulletin. The light specialists, Sound engineers, Graphics Producer, Online Visual Producer etc. are responsible for different Production roles respectively.

Apart from these key roles there are many other desks like Sports, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Crime, Web, Social Media etc. that cater to respective viewers. Teams under the Research Desk, Assignment, Archives and Graphics contribute immensely in the hierarchy of a news room.

Article By Jyoti Mishra Anchor at India Tv


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