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concerns raised over women security in afghanistan

Another issue that is raising concern is are women really safe in Afghanistan? the issue of concern is another story of desperation among Afghans to flee the country, a new report has said that many women are made to get married right outside the Kabul airport to make them eligible for evacuation to the united states.

a report by CNN has quoted US officials expressing concern over the worrying trend. it was found out at one of the evacuation centers in the UAE that some of the families of these afghan women had forced them into getting married to escape the Taliban.

the families even paid some men who were eligible for evacuation to marry their girls or pose as their husbands to help them flee Afghanistan in the days after Kabul fell to the Taliban. the shocking measures are taken by the afghans paint, a picture of sheer desperation, especially among women, who fear extreme levels of persecution at the hands of the Taliban.



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