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Hindus and sikhs being shifted to safer place for Indian Evacuation.

Its nearly more than a week , taliban has took over Afghanistan. There is a situation of intense fear among the afghanistan citizens. people are more willingly ready to migrate to another countries to trying to return back to their hometown. many countries have evacuated their citizens bach to their hometown. About 285 sikhs and hindus, most of them with documents from Ghazni, Jalalabad and Kabul , had taken shelter to the gurudwara after the taliban took control over Afghanistan’s capital. On tuesday, some afghan sikhs had released a video appealing for evacuation to the US and Canada.

Indian Embassy officials have shifted about 60 hindus and sikhs on Thursday from gurudwara singh sabha in karte- parwan, Afghanistan to a safe place for evacuation to India, local sikhs from kabul said. many of these sikhs have said that they prefer evacuation to Canada or the US rather than India because they have no roots there and because of the condition of evacuees who have been in India for a while.

“About five Afghan Sikhs, who have their work and property in India, are willing to be evacuated to India. They have rented out their properties in India and can survive on that income. But most of the Afghan Sikhs and Hindus do not have any settlement in India and want to be evacuated to Canada or the US. Our first preference for evacuation is Canada and US, and not India,” a Sikh from Kabul told TOI over the phone on Thursday.



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