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Leaving Afghans in fear, Taliban fighter’s were seen enjoying in an amusement park.

A video got viral in which the Taliban fighter’s just a day after taking over kabul, were seen enjoying in an amusement park in Afghanistan. The taliban soldier’s were seen riding electric gaming cars with their weapons hanging in their hands. One another video got viral in which they were seen enjoying the rides of playing horses.

They have left the population of afghanistan in intense fear. In the contrast of a video that was captures shows the intense fear among the people of afghanistan , in which there were hundreds of young afghan nationals were seen running along and clinging on to a US military aircraft on the runaway as it was about to scale off from the kabul airport.

sources have informed that the young nationals mostly compromised people who had helped the american government in Afghanistan. some among them were translators who helped US when they were in control of the nation.



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