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Lee Min Ho will take our breath away with his acting reach in Pachinko

Lee Min Ho will take our breath away with his acting reach in Pachinko
Dear Oppa: An Indian Minoz spouts ‘her heart generally ripples at whatever point she sees Pachinko star Lee Min Ho grin’ While we’re anxiously trusting that Lee Min Ho will take our breath away with his acting reach in Pachinko, for some, the Hallyu star will perpetually be cherished for his exemplary K-shows like Boys Over Flowers and The Heirs. Minoz, Min Ho’s given being a fan, totally revere Lee’s appealing screen presence as he promptly orders your consideration with his beguiling exhibitions and carefree looks.
The present inspiring letter in our Dear Oppa series has been written by Angelina Choudhury from India to Lee Min Ho. Peruse her letter (Note: This letter was sent on February 10, 2021) beneath:
To my lovely love,
I’m Angelina Choudhury. It’s been 4 years that I knew you and how you shook my heart immensely. I was totally uninterested and unaware of K-dramas, but here my one friend told me about you and suggested I watch Boys Over Flowers, being the popular series worldwide. To be honest, I was still not sure of it, to give it a try or not.
I tried searching for you and finally decided to watch The Heirs. I remember that time where I felt my heart shaken once I saw you act and smile in the series with those pretty dimples of yours. I loved the way you acted so naturally. I loved the way you smiled with your dimples. I loved you with my open heart.
To this day, my heart always flutters whenever I see you smile just like it did when I first saw you.
Thank you for being in my life and thank you for working hard for each project besides being a worldwide star.
Under the sky, I pray that you are always happy and smiling and hope that one day I get myself lucky to meet you over your millions and millions of fans.
Always stay healthy and strong. I’m looking forward to the release of Pachinko and more Youtube releases on your channel.
I love you the most.

Your fan from far away,
Angelina Choudhury from India

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