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More suffer to woman in Afghanistan ; warns first woman pilot in afghan air force.

More suffering to woman in afghan , warns afghan’s air force first woman pilot. she says the world will soon witness the stoning of ” a woman in kabul stadium” for no reason at all.

Niloofar Rahmani , the former afghan Air force pilot, said the taliban , who seized afghanistan, will “hurt the women most” in the country.

“The world will be the witness of the taliban. They are going to stone a woman in kabul stadium again for nothing,” Niloofar Rahmani was quoted as saying by fox news. “Unfortunately, my family is still there . And since i have heard what happened in afghanistan ,i am not able to sleep, not able to get my mind together, i am too feared for their security.

29 – year old Niloofar Rahmani said her “family and parents are in danger” as they have been targeted by taliban. she said, the taliban has marked them for supporting her throughout her career.

she said,she has been receiving “death threats since 2013 from the taliban” she became Afghanistan’s first woman pilot in more than 30 years in 2013 and the first to pilot fixedwing aircraft. she left Afghanistan for the US in 2015. she completed an 18-month training course in the US. A year after she left afghanistan, Rahmani sought asylum in the US in 2016.



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