Shekhar Suman demands justice for Sushant Singh Rajput a year after his death


Just like many in the industry, Shekhar Suman is mourning the loss of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput on his first death anniversary (June 14). Shekhar shared tweets not just remembering SSR, but also seeking justice for the late actor who he believes has been ‘murdered brutally’ and ‘did not commit suicide’.
Shekhar first praised Sushant in his tweet. “Every single day since June 14th last year we have remembered you fondly. You have left behind a void that would be so difficult to fill. May you eternally shine like the brightest star and stay in our hearts forever!” he wrote.

The actor then got to his mysterious death and requested the authorities to give a closure to the case by finding the truth.
He tweeted, “With a heavy heart as we all look back in anger, frustration and dismay. One year has passed by since Sushant left us all under mysterious circumstances.We all fought and fought and are still fighting to get justice for him but totally in vain.”

He added, “We request the agencies and the authorities to plz speed up the process and bring about a closure to this case so that SSR’s soul rests in peace.

Shekhar claimed that he knows that Sushant ‘did not commit suicide’ and rather was ‘murdered brutally’. He wrote, “It’s my firm belief that SSR was murdered brutally and did not commit suicide.And if that’s the case why are the culprits roaming around scot free?why justice is being delayed?why there is no closure???and many more unanswered questions.we need all d answers.”